I have one of my senses back after all of these years!

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Bewertung von 2021 (Google)

„Just over a year ago I embarked on finding a surgeon for a rhinoseptoplasty (inside & out) after two nasty accidents – one involving a kick from a horse and the second having an argument with a gravel track. It was fair to say my nose was mangled and I hadn’t been able to properly smell for 18+ years. The first surgeon I saw was very condescending and tried to pressure me into booking an appointment for surgery that day and the second was very charming and incredibly expensive. I saw Dr Stefan Henning last, he took the time to examine my nose and discuss my wishes. I visited him another two times before we booked a surgery date and again the week before surgery. I didn’t feel rushed at all and I built up the trust which I really needed on the day of the surgery. The staff spoke to me in English and were very calming before I was anaesthetised.

My nose healed really well & I saw Dr Stefan Henning a number of times throughout the healing process. I felt completely looked after.

Finally I was able to visit my family and show them my new nose – the best thing about it was that it looked exactly like the rest of theirs! It was a beautiful moment. I frequently got complimented on how well I looked by people I hadn’t seen in a while without people realising it was a nose job, it just looked like how it should have pre accidents. I can smell incredibly well now. I have one of my senses back after all of these years! Thank you so much Dr Stefan Henning and team for this life changing experience.“ … mehr

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