I can recommend Dr. Henning and his team from the bottom of my heart

5-Sterne Bewertung

Bewertung von 2018 (Google)

„Here‘s another english review in the hope of helping someone out there searching for the right doctor to trust just like I did by spending quite a long time before I met Dr. Henning and his incredible team. For many years of my life I had problems breathing through my nose. Most of the time I had to breathe through my mouth and this ruined my sleeping quality, I had a very poor sense of smell (I got 3 out of 25 in an odor test), catched cold easily, and many other things in life from my academic and professional career due to lack of sleep, to my career in sports because my cardio durability went critically down. I always felt exhausted and lacked concentration. All these combined with rapidly increasing headaches, and I knew it was time to take action. I have paid several visits to different ENT specialist in 3 different countries in years, 2 in Germany, but I still had hesitations. Then I got a recommendation from my colleague who suffered the same symptoms as mine and had the surgery, and I called Dr. Henning‘s office immediately. His super friendly team gave me an appointment faster than anyone else would. At his office, I didn’t wait for one hour like all other doctor‘s appointments would make you. His diagnose was fast, assuring and accurate like never before; only and exactly what I needed but nothing more. Finally I underwent septoplasty and turbinectomy. Hygiea, the clinic where he performs surgeries, is a small (for me it‘s perfect) and very well organized hospital far from all the crowd, stress and rush of a typical hospital, run by the most caring and friendly medical staff you can ever imagine. They welcomed me and took great care of me from the first moment I had my pre-anesthesia interview appointment one week before the surgery until I left the hospital already the day after the surgery. As I would assume, whoever would be reading this review may be a foreigner living in Germany and, like in my case, has no family members to take care of during recovery. In that case, it will be a relief to read that Hygiea lets you stay until you feel yourself ready to leave if your doctor authorises your discharge, and the staff never lets you feel alone. How long your stay is limited may be depending on your insurance etc. i.e. it was up to 1 week in my case. (And the food served is delicious!! Even dairy free, gluten free and vegan choices to pick from main dish to desert). Right before the surgery, Dr. Henning saw me shortly and all my anxiety was gone (My first operation and I was super scared). This is something that I have heard almost no surgeon does. In the operation room, my anesthesiologist and my scrub nurse, whom I already met before, gave me a huge relief and trust before falling asleep under anesthesia. I consider myself very lucky to feel that I was in the right hands at the right place and had no worries at that point. When I woke up one hour later, two nurses were waiting by my side. I was taken to my room to rejoin my friends and enjoy delicious meal. I had nasal ointment and painkillers by my bedside and nurses 24h waiting right outside. Next morning, Dr. Henning examined me and cleaned my nostrils. Afterwards I went home. Already on the 4th day he removed my nasal stants (have nothing to do with the old-school uncomfortable gauze packings, they allow you to breathe through your nose) it hurt only for 2 seconds – and I was finally able to breathe. Imagine seeing the colours for the first time after being colourblind for years or hearing properly for the first time after years of hearing loss. After a couple of days, I could smell the things I walk by, sleep like a baby and I cannot find the words to describe this comfort. Dr. Henning didn‘t just say goodbye after the surgery and checked me again until I feel 100% ready to be on my own. I hope this extremely long review will help someone out there who is looking for any recommendations. I know how it feels, I have been there, and I can recommend Dr. Henning and his team from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for everything, you are the best!“ … mehr

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